BIOHIT provides a comprehensive range of microplate instrumentation for use in diagnostic, research and clinical laboratories.


GastroPanel® Reader

The GP Reader is used in combination with the GastroPanel Quick Test NT and enables the rapid and precise measurements of the test results.

Automated ELISA analyser accessories

BIOHIT supplies various accessories for its ELISA automate systems, offering flexible customisation to suit a range of assays.

Dynex DSX 4-plate Automated ELISA processor

BIOHIT’s DSX is a fully automated, four-plate processing system that can perform multiple assays per plate. The DSX’s modular design provides flexible configuration and was developed with ease of use in mind. The system incorporates many features that ensure the quality and security of results, and it can handle a wide variety of assays, offering reliable sample-in/result-out processing for true walkaway automation.

Dynex DS2® 2-plate automated ELISA processor with barcode reader

BIOHIT’s DS2 automated ELISA processor offers full walkaway capability, allowing users to quickly and easily process two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. It features a user-friendly control system, chain of custody management and on-board instrument diagnostics for straightforward, reliable operation and traceability.

BIOHIT Analyser automated ELISA processor

The BIOHIT Analyser is a compact, cost-efficient system for automation of BIOHIT’s GastroPanel® assay and other ELISAs. This processor’s completely open architecture allows programming of any ELISA protocol, for walkaway automation of up to 192 patient samples. An optional CLIA module extends the analyser’s capabilities to include chemiluminescence assays.

BIOHIT BP800 Microplate Reader

The BP 800 Microplate Reader has all the features of a modern microplate photometer, with optional pre-programmed protocols for BIOHIT assays. New test protocols can be created quickly and easily with the help of an intuitive user interface. Extensive on-board data reduction surpasses many PC software packages, including curve-fitting, cut-off calculation, data transformation and validation capabilities. The instrument can also be controlled with a computer for further processing and distribution of data.

BIOHIT BP808 Microplate Reader

The BP 808 Microplate Reader has all the features of a modern microplate photometer, with optional pre-programmed protocols for BIOHIT assays. This powerful microplate reader, with integrated keypad and LCD display, has extensive on-board data reduction with curve-fitting, cut-off calculation, data transformation and validation capabilities.

BIOHIT Quick Test Reader

The BIOHIT Quick Test Reader (QTR), for the BIOHIT lateral flow ColonView and Celiac quick tests, provides clear negative or positive confirmation of the test line visual reading by stating ‘not visible’ or ‘visible’, respectively. ​The QTR can connect to PCs for data management and administration in a medical network such as LIS (HL7) protocols, and you can export data from the reader data bank using the Data Viewer software.

PepCube Peptest reader

The PepCube is a portable, handheld and easy-to-use lateral flow device that enables the fast quantification of pepsin in saliva samples using Peptest. Each read takes just three seconds and can be used to evaluate the results either qualitatively or quantitatively. Results are displayed on the screen and reported in ng/ml.​

BIOHIT BW50 Microplate Washer

The BW50 Microplate Washer allows full and precise fluidic control, from gentle drip-based delivery to fully pressurised washing. This self-contained and programmable instrument is the perfect companion for BIOHIT’s BP-series readers. The intuitive on-board software can be programmed in the same way as both the BP 800 and 808, so that washing and data reduction protocols can be easily developed.