BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd

BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd, based in North West England, is the UK subsidiary of BIOHIT Oyj, a Finnish biotechnology company specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of products and analysis systems for the early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

We specialise in digestive disease diagnostics, offering a portfolio of unique and patented tests designed to transform clinical practice by making screening, diagnosis and monitoring of gastrointestinal diseases more efficient and cost effective. Non-invasive diagnostics are at the core of our offering, making BIOHIT HealthCare the provider of choice for leading gastroenterologists and laboratory scientists across the UK.


Leading the way

BIOHIT HealthCare aims to be the leading voice in digestive disease diagnosis, working in partnership with industry experts to collaborate, innovate and educate, and providing the most efficient means of diagnosis for digestive diseases. This partnership approach means that we don’t just provide products, we find solutions.

The solutions we provide are designed to enhance clinical practice and patient management, while reducing healthcare costs, improving patient outcomes and extending life.


Quick Tests
For those occasions when you need answers fast.
Laboratory assays
Diagnostic tests and assays for health protection, disease prevention and monitoring.
Laboratory services
Dedicated service laboratory offering analytical tests for the novel products we supply.
Sample collection and preparation
Everything you need to collect and prepare your samples for analysis.
Microplate instrumentation
Microplate instrumentation for use in diagnostic, research and clinical laboratories.
Monoclonal antibodies
Efficient tools for research and clinical use in cellular pathology, neurobiology and oncology, and human gastric biomarkers research.

Our partners

We exclusively partner with pioneering, innovative diagnostic developers to provide a comprehensive range of digestive disease diagnostics for the UK Market. Our partners include:

Our history

BIOHIT Oyj was founded in Finland in 1988 by Professor Osmo Suovaniemi. Over the years, we have continued to develop safe and cost-effective products for the early detection and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Since the establishment of BIOHIT HealthCare as a UK subsidiary, we have continued to grow our portfolio through partnerships with pioneering, innovative diagnostic developers.


See how we’ve grown

  • 1988 BIOHIT Oyj founded
  • 2001 Marketing of GastroPanel® begins
  • 2004 30-minute Quick Test for Helicobacter pylori launched
  • 2008 UK subsidiary BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd established
  • 2010 BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd becomes the exclusive distributor of Immundiagnostik AG and Preventis GmbH products in the UK and Ireland
  • 2011 BIOHIT Oyj divests its liquid handling business to Sartorius
  • 2013 BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd launches IDKmonitor® therapeutic drug monitoring assays
  • 2014 New products launched: BIOHIT ULTRA-FAST UFT300 H. pylori Quick Test, and BIOHIT Calprotectin and BIOHIT Active B12 (holotranscobalamin) ELISAs
  • 2016 BIOHIT Oyj acquires a stake in Genetic Analysis AS and BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd becomes the exclusive distributor of the GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test in the UK
  • 2018 BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd appoints AccuMed as its exclusive distributor in Ireland
  • 2019 BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd becomes the exclusive distributor of Peptest in the UK and Ireland
  • 2020 COVID-19 assays introduced to the portfolio in the battle against SARS-CoV-2 strain of coronavirus