Automated ELISA analyser accessories

BIOHIT supplies various accessories for its ELISA automate systems, offering flexible customisation to suit a range of assays.


Dynex automated ELISA analyser accessories

AccessoryDescriptionCompatibilityProduct code
Deep well microplates1 mlDSX742315
Dilution strips250 x 8 wellDSX/DS2742312
DSX/DS2-LIMS-ASTMSInterface softwareDSX/DS2742310
Racked reagent tips4 x 108DSX/DS2742314
Racked sample tips4 x 108DSX/DS2742313
Reagent bottles10 x, 25 mlDSX/DS2742316
Reagent bottles10 x, 15 mlDS2742317
Reagent bottles24 x, 25 mlDSX/DS2742319
Standard control bottles33 xDSX/DS2742318


BIOHIT automated ELISA analyser accessories


AccessoryDescriptionProduct code
Bottle1 l, wash bottle, without fluidics attachment742083
Bottle2 l, waste bottle, without fluidics attachment742084
Reagent bottle adapter27.5 mm742080
Reagent bottle adapter25.5 mm742081
Reagent bottle adapter34.7 mm742082
Sample rack12 mm742010
Sample rack13 mm742011
Sample rack16 mm742012

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    The BIOHIT Analyser is a compact, cost-efficient system for automation of BIOHIT’s GastroPanel® assay and other ELISAs. This processor’s completely open architecture allows programming of any ELISA protocol, for walkaway automation of up to 192 patient samples. An optional CLIA module extends the analyser’s capabilities to include chemiluminescence assays.

    Dynex DS2® 2-plate automated ELISA processor with barcode reader

    BIOHIT’s DS2 automated ELISA processor offers full walkaway capability, allowing users to quickly and easily process two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. It features a user-friendly control system, chain of custody management and on-board instrument diagnostics for straightforward, reliable operation and traceability.

    Dynex DSX 4-plate Automated ELISA processor

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