CalDetect 50/200® (PreventID®)

Product code: KST11003 (10 tests)

Rapid screening of calprotectin for IBD investigation

PreventID CalDetect 50/200 is a rapid immunochemical test that semi-quantitatively screens and measures calprotectin in stool samples in just 10 minutes. Faecal calprotectin is an exceptionally accurate and convenient marker for investigating bowel inflammation in patients presenting with abdominal symptoms, or monitoring those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Differentiate chronic abdominal symptoms

With two predefined cut-offs at 50 and 200 μg/g, CalDetect 50/200 gives the clinician the ability to differentiate chronic abdominal symptoms by ruling out IBD, as well as identifying those with elevated calprotectin levels that require further investigation or referral. The upper cut-off of 200 μg/g aids monitoring of patients undergoing treatment for IBD to assist in the identification of active inflammatory episodes, and also to support the confirmation of mucosal healing and histological remission.

​CalDetect is complemented by SmarTest® Calprotectin Home, a quantitative calprotectin test with smartphone app. It is also calibrated against the well-established faecal Calprotectin ELISA from Immundiagnostik.

Key Advantages

Supports rapid decision making at the point of care, with results in just 10 minutes
Easy to use kit, including stool collection papers and sample preparation tubes pre-filled with extraction buffer
Enables differential diagnosis of IBD
Cost-effective screening of samples prior to quantitative analysis
Useful in primary or secondary care, as well as clinical settings without laboratory facilities
Two cut-offs for results: 50 µg/g and 200 µ/g


Lateral flow test

10 tests

Storage: 4-30 °C

Stool sample

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