Monoclonal Antibodies

Highly specific monoclonal antibodies to accelerate your life sciences research project

BIOHIT monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are efficient tools for research in the areas of cellular pathology, neurobiology and oncology, as well as in studies of human gastric biomarkers. They can also be used as raw materials in the manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic products. BIOHIT MAbs are derived from hybridomas by fusion between myeloma and Balb/c spleen cells in mice – using different specific immunogens – and are purified after production. They are all highly specific to their antigens, and are suitable for immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation and Western blotting methods.


BIOHIT produces an assortment of antibodies to:

  • human gastric biomarkers
  • phytoestrogen genistein
  • human extracellular matrix components (ECM)
  • human integrins
  • human endothelial cell surface marker
  • human neurotransmitter substances
  • human cytoskeletal polypeptides
  • human spectrins
AntibodyProduct numberCloneSubclassApplicationParaffin
alpha II beta-Integrin610011CA3IgG1IHC, WBNo
alpha-Actinin610012CB11IgG1IHC, WBNo
alpha-Fodrin610013AA6IgG1IHC, WBNo
beta 1-Integrin610009DF5IgG1IHC, WBYes
beta 1-Integrin610008DF7IgG1IHC, WBYes
beta 3-Integrin610010BB10IgG1IHC, WBNo
Cellular fibronectin610001DH1IgG1IHC, WB, EIANo
Cytokeratin 186100154B11IgG1IHC, WB, IPNo
Cytokeratin 7,17,196100174F5IgG1IHC, WBNo
Cytokeratin 8,18,196100162A4IgG1IHC, WBNo
Erythroid alpha-Spectrin610023AF10IgG1IP, IHC, WBNo
Erythroid beta-Spectrin610024DB2IgG1IP, IHC, WBNo
GABA6100255A9IgG1IHC, EIAYes
Genistein610058L22FA2IgG1EIA, IFANo
Laminin (beta 1-chain)610004DG10IgG1IHC, WBNo
Laminin (gamma 1-chain)610005BC7IgG1IHC, IP, WBNo
Neurofilaments 150,20061002113AAIgG1IHC, WBNo
Neurofilaments 70,20061002214BAIgG1IHC, WBNo
Pepsinogen I6100554C6.1IgGIHCYes
Pepsinogen II610056L10CC10IgGIHCYes
Plasma fibronectin610006BF12IgG1IHC, WBNo
Tenascin-C610003DB7IgG2aIHC, WBYes
Tenascin-C610002EB2IgG1IHC, WB, EIANo
Vimentin61001865EIgG1IHC, WBNo
Vinculin610014FB11IgG1IHC, WBNo
Vitronectin610007BE10IgG1IHC, WBNo

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