Pepsinogen I ELISA Kit (BIOHIT)

Product code: 606010 (Unified Pepsinogen I ELISA Kit, 96 wells)

A reliable tool for the diagnosis of advanced atrophic gastritis

The BIOHIT Pepsinogen I kit is a microplate-based quantitative ELISA for the determination of human pepsinogen I from plasma or serum samples. This test is intended to identify patients who have advanced atrophic gastritis in the gastric corpus, and are therefore at increased risk of developing gastric cancer.  This test can be used in conjunction with BIOHIT’s Pepsinogen II kit for further diagnosis confirmation.

BIOHIT’s series of unified kits feature methods that have been standardised across all analytes and optimised for automation.

This assay is part of the BIOHIT GastroPanel product.

Key Advantages

Reliable detection of advanced atrophic gastritis
Rapid turnaround times, with total incubation of just 120 minutes
Broad linear range (1.9-200 μg/l)
92 % sensitivity, 90 % specificity
Easily automated on ELISA automates (e.g. Dynex DS2)



43 tests

Storage: 2-8 °C

Blood sample

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