PepCube Peptest reader

Product code: PEPCUBE

The PepCube is a portable, handheld and easy-to-use lateral flow device that enables the fast quantification of pepsin in saliva samples using Peptest. Each read takes just three seconds and can be used to evaluate the results either qualitatively or quantitatively. Results are displayed on the screen and reported in ng/ml.​

The PepCube can be used as a mobile handheld device or connected to your laboratory or clinic PC via a USB cable. ​Data can be stored internally on the PepCube reader itself, including a unique measurement ID, test name, lot number, manufacturer, and date and time information. The device battery-operated but can also be powered via the USB cable.

Key Advantages

Fast and easy quantitative analysis of Peptest
Efficient data-handling, with storage of lot-specific data


40 g weight

41 mm length

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    Peptest is an innovative, non-invasive diagnostic test to help identify reflux, and is especially critical in detecting silent reflux. Based on quantitative lateral flow technology, Peptest detects the presence of pepsin in clinical samples from the upper digestive and respiratory tracts.