Helicobacter pylori Quick Test (BIOHIT)

Product code: 602015 (50 tests)
Product code: 602017 (positive control)

30-minute urease test for gastric biopsies

The BIOHIT H. pylori Quick Test is a rapid, one-step urease test to detect H. pylori infection from a biopsy sample during gastroscopy. It can also be used to evaluate the success of eradication therapy. This easy-to-use, gel-based test employs a simple colour indicator that allows easy visual confirmation of positive results in as little as two minutes – and negative results after 30 minutes – without specialist training.

Positive control

A positive urease control, H. pylori Control+, is also available for daily verification of the performance of the Helicobacter pylori Quick Test prior to testing patient samples. H. pylori Control+ comes in a handy dropper bottle containing 1 ml of the urease solution. 1 ml of H. pylori Control+ will deliver up to 100 quality control tests.

Key Advantages

100 % sensitivity, 93 % specificity, 96 % accuracy, minimising false positive/negative results
Results in 30 minutes or less – offering improved consistency and reporting before patient discharge
Clear colour indication for easy visual interpretation of result
Ready to use – one-step test procedure
Time and cost effective


Colorimetric test

50 tests

Storage: 2-8 °C

Biopsy sample

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