GastroPanel® Reader

Product code: 602330

Point of care analyser for GastroPanel Quick Test NT

The GP Reader is used in combination with the GastroPanel Quick Test NT and enables the rapid and precise measurements of the test results. The GP Reader is a compact, portable device that can be used by trained and qualified individuals in a laboratory or outpatient setting, such as in a doctor’s surgery. The GP Reader quantifies all four test strips of the GastroPanel Quick Test (pepsinogen I, pepsinogen II, gastrin-17 and H. pylori IgG) within 30 seconds, converting the readings to concentrations and displaying the values on the reader screen. It also provides the treating clinician with a clinical interpretation of the four individual readings. The GP Reader is equipped with an embedded printer, enabling the results to be printed, and the results are also saved in the reader’s memory. All results can be transferred to external USB memory storage, if needed, or connected to healthcare and laboratory information systems (e.g. LIMS). The reader is also equipped with QR code scanner for scanning the LOT-specific kit calibration card of the GastroPanel Quick Tests and 1D bar codes for data entry, such as sample or user ID.

GastroPanel Quick Test reader

GastroPanel Quick Test reader

Key Advantages

Graphical touch screen user interface
Scanning of sample bar codes and QR codes of the LOT-specific kit calibration cards
Measures and displays quantitative concentration values, interpolated from LOT-specific standard curve
Prints results via built-in microprinter
Data storage and query
Data transfer function


  • Compact footprint, 370 x 350 x 230 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 3.5 kg
  • Memory capacity >1,000 test results
  • Reproducibility CV <6 %
  • Storage 18-30 °C

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