Laminin – gamma 1-chain

Product Code: 610005

This MAb interacts with the Mr-200,000 γ1-chain of human-reduced and alkylated laminin; a protein synthesised by cultured cells. The specificity of this antibody was confirmed by immunoprecipitation and ELISA, using a recombinant γ1-chain. It only reacts with human cells and tissues and, although it does not work in western blotting, it can be used in immunohistochemical staining and immunoprecipitation. Pepsin-digested laminins from human placenta are used as immunogens for antibody production.


  • subclass: IgG1
  • host species: mouse
  • clone: BC7
  • format: purified 100 µg
  • application: IHC, IP, WB
  • storage: 2-8 °C