Product Code: 610013

This is a MAb specific to the 240 kD human cytoskeletal polypeptide α-fodrin of all non-erythroid mammalian cells, as well as α-spectrin in chickens. It cross-reacts with humans, rats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, and can be used for immunohistochemical staining, immunoblotting and other immunoassays for cellular or tumour biology research. Red blood cell membranes from chickens are purified by hypotonic lysis and mechanical enucleation, and used as immunogens for antibody production.


  • subclass: IgG1
  • host species: mouse
  • clone: AA6
  • format: purified 100 µg
  • application: IHC, WB
  • storage: 2-8 °C