IDK® Stool Sample Application System prefilled with IDKExtract®

Product code: K6999 (100 pcs)

Stool samples can be extracted directly and efficiently using the IDK Stool Sample Application System, which allows easy, clean and precise preparation of sample extracts. Each tube contains 1.5 ml of IDKExtract universal stool extraction buffer, creating a constant dilution of 1:100 when the 15 mg stool sample is added using the precise sampling stick. The Stool Sample Application System can be loaded directly onto many analysers. This system enables the determination of multiple parameters using IDK ELISAs (e.g. calprotectin, pancreatic elastase, haemoglobin, faecal bile acids, lactoferrin) from one single stool sample extract, saving time and money. Stool extracts are stable for up to 7 days at 2-8 °C.

Key Advantages

Fast and precise stool sample extraction with reduced hands-on time
Prefilled with 1.5 ml IDKExtract universal extraction buffer
Ready to use
Sampling stick applies 15 mg stool sample
One extract can be used to assay multiple parameters using IDK ELISAs
Can be loaded directly onto many analysers


100 tubes

Ready to use

Storage: 2-8 °C