BIOHIT becomes corporate partner of the British Laryngological Association

July 11, 2022

Today BIOHIT are pleased to announce they have become the corporate partner of the British Laryngological Association (BLA) for 2022-2023. This partnership brings together two organisations that are striving to achieve advancements in laryngology for the benefit of the patient and healthcare providers.

The BLA is a membership society that promotes all medical, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of laryngology (the management of airway, voice, swallowing disorders, including related sciences and health promotion). The BLA provide research, education and training through events, bringing together experts, those in training and anyone with a specialist interest in laryngology to discuss clinical practice and present clinical and scientific research. The BLA also provides advice on laryngology to ENT-UK, the Department of Health and other organisations and scientific bodies.

On discussing this new partnership Professor Guri Sandhu, BLA President said “The BLA are delighted to welcome BIOHIT as a corporate partner. We gratefully acknowledge their generous support and look forward to our combined efforts towards the promotion of the association and advancements into research and education relating to the diagnosis of laryngological conditions.”

BIOHIT specialises in the marketing of products and analysis systems for the early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases with a special focus on dyspepsia and reflux. Non-invasive diagnostics are at the core of their offering, making BIOHIT the provider of choice for leading gastroenterologists, ENT specialists and laboratory scientists across the UK.

BIOHIT are the exclusive UK distributors of PEPTEST®, a rapid immunological test for the quantitative analysis of pepsin in biological samples.

PEPTEST is an innovative, non-invasive diagnostic test to help identify reflux, and is especially critical in detecting silent reflux.

Graham Johnson, Managing Director of BIOHIT added “We are thoroughly looking forward to building on this new partnership with the BLA. There is much to gain from industry-healthcare partnerships and through our shared interests we look forward to exploring ways to transform patient care in this highly specialist area”.

As part of this partnership BIOHIT will be present at a number of BLA meetings throughout the year, including the Virtual Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference in September.

“These events will provide a great opportunity to discuss and learn about the current diagnostic pathways in Laryngology with experts and introduce Peptest to the BLA community,” continued Graham.

To learn more about the BLA and their up-and-coming events visit their website. Or to find out more about Peptest visit the BIOHIT website.

About BIOHIT HealthCare

BIOHIT HealthCare is a Finnish biotech company, headquartered in Helsinki, that specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of kits and assays for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of digestive diseases. Its core disease focus areas include stomach health and dyspepsia, reflux and acid dysregulation, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID), Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and gut microbiota dysbiosis. Innovating for Health

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